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Subsidised Taxi Scheme

Total Mobility (TM) Scheme

Paying for taxi fare using total mobility voucher

Sometimes referred to as the 'Half Price Taxi Scheme', NorthAble is an assessment and issuing agency of this nationwide programme which aims to assist  people with disabilities living in Whangarei to become more mobile by subsidising taxi fares via a voucher system.

Within Te Taitokerau Northland, only the Whangarei region is currently covered for the TM Scheme.

TM is funded by the Whangarei Regional Council and Land Transport Authority, administered by the Northland Regional Council.

To find out if you meet the eligibility criteria to access TM, or for more information on the scheme, please phone us and ask to speak to the Total Mobility Assessor. 

The Northland Regional Council administer the scheme and have a list of other assessing agencies on their website:

In Northland Total Mobility is available in the Whangarei District ONLY.

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