Cultural Support

We believe that all people accessing our services and NorthAble staff working within our services, should feel culturally safe and respected at all times.


Maori Cultural Support

 At NorthAble, we are proud of our commitment to embedding tikanga maori within our service provision.

Other Cultural Support

NorthAble works with a number of different organisations which support the diverse cultures within Northland. We aim to deliver our services in a way that respects and values all cultures.

Communication Support

Being able to communicate and be understood is very important and NorthAble is committed to providing support by accessing translators.


Our logo


Our logo was created by staff and clients and has been refined  over the years. It symbolises and places the organisation. The magic and enthusiasm, the team building and the sense of ownership and pride that was generated with the creation of this was extraordinary. Every image and symbol that was placed on the logo has meaning.


Nga Kete

Three baskets of knowledge

Nga kete were made for Northland Disabilities Resource Centre by then Manager, Joanne Samuel. These kete are a contemporary interpretation of the three baskets of knowledge. All three are made from harakeke, or flax.  The top most kete speaks of the earth the mountains, of growing things and our physical lives. The second kete This basket speaks of the ocean, te moana, the cleansing power of water and our emotional lives. The lowest kete talks of the air, our breath and our spirit, and the movement of experience and learning that is necessary in our lives.


Taonga Harakeke

Taonga Harakeke speaks of a person’s journey through life.

This Taonga was designed and woven by Polly Rau, who was moved by the input of Disability Resource Centre  participants into the Huarahi Maori programme during their weaving session and wanted to acknowledge their creations. The Taonga speaks of a person’s journey through life, beginning at the time of conception. This taonga is to hang in the room to awhi the Tukutuku and the tangata Hauaa.


Matapuna Hauora Waiata (link pending)

Our waiata (song), was composed by Gloria Rihari, specifically for Northland Disabilities Resource Centre, Mãtãpuna Hauora, and has relevance to this organisation and its clients.