Short term, outcomes focused service

NorthAble Navigation Service (NNS) aims at enabling individuals with disabilities and their family/whãnau to create a positive future for themselves. NNS facilitates interventions and support around opportunities for self-determination for families to build and maintain resilience.


During 2006, a Northland Early Support Pilot Project was implemented. This was in response to an analysis of data by NorthAble NASC that identified a trend whereby young disabled people were moving to residential services out of the Northland region. A lack of resilience and resources within the family and fragmented disability support was thought to be significant contributing factors. Read more detail of history (PDF, 24 KB)

Why a Navigator?

NorthAble Navigaton™ Services identified the following circumstances that might indicate that a disabled person and their family and whänau could derive sustainable outcomes from Navigation™. 

Read more detail in Why a Navigator? (PDF, 282 KB)

NNS changes lives

Learn how NNS has helped clients and their families/whãnau achieve outcomes, increase their resilience and improve quality of life.

Our NNS story -  Jack and family (external website)
Our NNS story - Keagan and family (external website)
What families have told us about their Navigation experience (external website)

Get information on successful NNS interventions and on NNS statistics:

Stories and Statistics (PDF, 2.7 MB)
Dollars and Sense (PDF, 1.7 MB)


To be eligible you will be aged between 16 and 64 years; have a disability in accordance with the Ministry of Health (MOH) criteria; and have been assessed and referred by NorthAble NASC.

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